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Paton Consulting Inc. provides innovative group insurance and human resource services to private and public clients, from 10 employees to 10,000.


One of our specialties is drug benefit management and advanced procurement methods. Using our services, clients save money, increase benefits, and enhance value to the plan member. Click here to learn how to:

• Preserve and protect your plan from challenging annual cost increases

• Sustain your plan through the years ahead

• Enhance plan member value and benefit levels


Creating powerful drug benefit solutions is the backbone of the work we perform for Health Plan Payers of Canada and others.

• Click here to learn more about the potential within your immediate grasp to control the prices you pay for drug benefits.




01/4-11 at 09.35 Hugh Paton
For plan sponsors, the time is now to commence a plan regarding: (i) drug prices, and (ii) cost-effective drug usage.  By the latter I really mean: promotion of lowest-cost, cost ...